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Kwikee topic to start this off:

Pledges will be made from one party ((N)PC, Train, the game gods) to another.
Pledges can be chained and dependent on each other (allowing a bit of either or flexibility)
Contracts will be implemented as 2 one-way pledges.
(i.e. an exchange of goods and services)

When one commitment is made, the other becomes binding.
The game will watch for a breech of binding pledges (and uncompleted contracts); either branding the breecher as a purjuror or voiding the contract.

Either party can release the other from his duties, but that will not automatically be reciprocal. Without entering into a “Release” meta-contract, such an act is foolish, trusting (foolish) or generous (foolish).

Commitment to:
  • Compensation
    • pay once
    • pay periodically
    • pay whenever...
    • give once/periodically/whenever...
  • Defence
    • support
    • defend
  • Relationships
    • leave alone
    • attack only in retalliation
    • attack
  • Quests
    • go to
    • deliver
  • Penances
    • walk The Walk
    • suicide player (harsh)
    • eradicate (punitively hard target, like a settlement)
  • Meta
    • Release (allows atomic, reciprocal releases from a contract)
    • Forgive (only an offended party [or the GMs] can remove a breeched contract from someone’s record. Which means that to breech, then eradicate the contracted player will make for a permanent stain on your record)
    • Renew (reciprocal renews allow for manually repeating contracts)

If you want to add comments, please do
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