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It's not how big it is ...

A question we've not yet considered (or at least, I haven't) is just how big we're going to make our world, and are we going to limit the number of players?

Now, before you all get excited, thinking that this is just crazy talk, hear me out.

We can, probably, make this an infinitely growing world, with a system of generating whatever is over the next hill before the players get there. Alternatively, we can generate entire worlds, allow up to a certain number of players into that world, and run (potentially) multiple worlds in parallel.

If we're going to go heavy on the diplomacy, to the extent that we encourage players to work together, backstab each other, et cetera, all facilitated by mightyfoo's contracts system, then we need to seriously consider limiting the number of players in the world, as otherwise it's awfully difficult to manage a system where there is a (not artificial) downside to butchering your 'allies'.
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