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More degrees of freedom

We need to decide what resources we're talking about players being able to produce, use and trade in. this is where we can rapidly overcomplicate things and go into much too much depth, or oversimplify, seriously reducing the long term playability of the game, so we need to be terribly careful ... Now, I'm pretty sure that we don't just want manufactured goods, but do we want to be able to manufacture goods, even if it's a non-player activity (or a player directed but not controlled activity), which I think it should be? Given that we want to manufacture goods, do we want multiple resources to be used in the manufacture of (some) goods? Well, that's clearly yes, otherwise there's hardly any freedom at all.

So, a rough list of resource types, with some levels of resources below them, so we can talk about this some more.

Obviously this is incomplete, but it's complete enough to show the sort of structure I'm thinking about.

  • Raw materials
    • Produce
      • Grain
      • Fruit
    • Stock
      • Cattle
      • Horses
        • War horses
        • Draft horses
        • Pack horses
    • Stone
    • Wood
    • Metal
      • iron
      • copper
      • gold
      • silver
    • Water
      • fresh water
      • saline water
      • diseased water
      • fouled water
  • Worked Goods
    • Refined metals and alloys
      • steel
      • bronze
      • brass
      • snacky weird alloys
    • Tools
    • Weapons
      • Swords
        • Steel Longsword
        • Snacky weird two handed sword
        • etc.
      • etc.
    • Armour
    • Food and drink
    • Buildings
    • Luxury items

Obviously this gives a lot of flexibility, but also makes the coding more complicated. We need to make a decision on how many levels to work with, and how much detail to include at each level.

The more I look at this list, the more I think it might be suited to Prolog ...

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