Tim (mightyfoo) wrote in ffproductions,

IMPL: resouces

We will probably want a scheme along these lines:

  • A player plays a party of PCs
  • Each PC is responsible for carrying a quantity of zero or more resources
  • Each PC is responsible a zero or more NPC resource porters (animals, carts and broad shouldered anonymous chappies)
  • Only PCs improve with experience although they can “inspire” their underlings
  • In any fight, a PC that is hit and “killed” will be dragged off by his remaining porters, who will patch him up. (The unit is withdrawn from the combat). A PC with no porters can stay in combat (displaying stupidity or heroism) or run away (displaying presence of mind in the face of danger)

This way the player gets to play a large caravan, but with minimal mini-μ-management
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