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Ok, mightyfoo has posted some stuff on the Twiki, but I want to discuss a little more the underlying mechanics. The actual creation and implementation of the planning aspect, I leave for another time.

Having spent a little time over the weekend thinking about it, I propose the following:
Combat is simple in essence - units have an attack skill, a defend skill, a damage score, an armour score and hit points.
Combat proceeds in rounds

  • Movement and missile
  • Everyone 'takes a swing'
  • People disengage

Obviously, rounds continue until combat is somehow resolved.

In terms of 'taking a swing', attack skills are compared to defense skills, random factors included, obviously, then damage is determined. Note, both sides could potentially take damage - quite a lot of it. This is intentional, I think it'll make things far more interesting, and allow people to tailor their troops more.

So, what do people think?
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